My New Film From Holland With Love is a Love Letter to Amsterdam Sex Workers

A love letter to Amsterdam from the point of view of Chelsea Poe, a Dutch-American queer porn star, From Holland With Love is TROUBLEfilms’ newest full length film. With Love is a sweet and sultry story that takes place in an Amsterdam apartment. The new film is a 3 scene collaboration of Chelsea Poe, Trouble Films and The Amsterdam Queer Porn Collective (AQPC) that recalls the nostalgia of queer group sex, the touch of a femme domme and a dreamy bathtub hookup. This film was shot late in 2019 and captures truly a moment in time we want to share with the world

In the first scene we have a five person orgy starring Chelsea Poe, Zina Berlin, Dakota Spotlight, Jamie Butine and Nat Portnoy filled with orgasms all around. Chelsea then submits for Dutch Femme Domme Mona Summers in a rough impact play scene filled with face slapping and turning Chelsea’s ass bright red. The final scene is a totally dreamy bathtub scene between Courtney Trouble and super babe Nat Portnoy filled with wet and wild fun!

To get you acquainted with the international cast and the beautiful scenes, here’s a slideshow of behind the scenes photos by Courtney Trouble