Explicit queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm.

Format: Download
Length: 42:22
Directed By: Chelsea Poe
Soundtrack: KT SPIT
Starring: Chelsea Poe, Xoe Nova, Courtney Trouble, Jane Way, Praline Manon & Mahx Capacity 


a film by Chelsea Poe

This is a new classic queer film that is filled with art and truly explicit queer sex.

XØXØX: A queer porn; an explicite art creation made by Chelsea Poe with Aussie pop artist KT Spit. The opening scene features Courtney Trouble and Xoe Nova hooking up while overlays of the Las Vegas strip pulses to the electronic dance music over moans and hitachi buzz. Manon Praline and Mahx Capacity get into a scene of loving bdsm impact play. Shot in Berlin and San Francisco in the Castro, the overlays play into the action but never detract from the gonzo-style handheld explicit sex footage. Chelsea Poe and Jane Way hook up in a posh hotel. Chelsea Poe tops Jane with her strap on until Jane is literally choking on their own cock.

As written about in PAPER Magazine.

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