The Submissive Mixtape


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Submissive Mixtape is a full length adult film featuring Chelsea Poe, curated by Chelsea Poe, and explores the depths of her own submissive sexuality and BDSM through collaboration between three individual queer and feminist porn makers, Ajapornfilms, Courtney Trouble, and Heartless Productions.

Format: download
Produced By: Chelsea Poe Productions, TROUBLEfilms
Chelsea Poe, Courtney Trouble, Nikki Darling, Jade Phillips


Chelsea Poe shines in every scene on “The Submissive Mixtape”. Nikki Darling dominates her in a protocol-heavy, dungeon-based BDSM fantasy directed by Ajapornfilms. Courtney Trouble is behind the camera for a scene where Jade Phillips acts as a sadistic dominant in the kitchen, having Poe give a particularly intense blowjob. Courtney Trouble and Poe bring the film to an explosive close in a loving and perverted scene by Heartless Productions that includes Trouble’s first facial.


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