The Dinner Party


Starring: Chelsea Poe, Lux Fury, Ruby Riots, Mx. and Mr. Jai Dead, Gwen Bambi, Courtney Trouble, and Fist City
Shot by: Courtney Trouble
Length: 45 minutes
Format: Download MP4


Ruby Riots plans a special dinner party for their most sadistic friends and presents their submissive Chelsea Poe to be that evening’s entertainment. Bent over the dinner table, Chelsea is exposed, groped, and whipped right in front of everyone! Ruby gives Lux Fury a chance to play with the entertainment and gets an epic strap-on blowjob from the party toy. From cock to pussy, Chelsea is led under the table to eat Ruby’s cunt out after slobbering all over Lux’s pretty purple dick. What comes next, when the dinner guests are invited to play with their food, is the messiest thing shot in TROUBLEfilms history. Between the cream puffs, strawberry sauce, and whip cream we’re not sure what humiliated Chelsea the most but her orgasm after three courses of dessert and three candles of wax spilled all over her sensitive skin is enough to make her squirt all over herself at the hands of her ample and skilled dommes. This was one dinner party none of us will ever forget.

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